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Time to cut the fluff and start generating leads that turn into prospects 

Have an ideal customer profile in mind but don’t know how to target them? You’re not alone. 

More than half of the SaaS solutions end in their first year of launch. The #1 reason for their failure is ignorance of profitability. 

Don’t want to be one of those? My SaaS lead generation service is all you need. 

With me, you can expect to use the right data for the right message sent to the right person. 

My full-funnel client acquisition technique accounts for 90% success of my cold-email campaigns. 

Here’s what my typical lead generation process looks like 

Data collection

Data Collection

I don’t do anything without proper research and that’s the secret to 70% of my cold emails. 

The first thing I do when planning a cold email campaign is create a road map. I start by defining your target audience and hanging with them. 

Based on the information collected, the projects will be segmented into different categories. 

This segmentation will set us up for email personalization with our campaigns. 



I love experiments especially when they bring unexpected results.  The same applies to my cold email campaigns known for their crazy experimentation and crazier results. 

I start by launching micro-campaigns with a small number of email addresses. This gives us an idea of our top-performing campaigns and mistakes made during the process.  After 12 hours of launching the test campaign, we track the results to figure out what works and what sucks. 

The goal here is to accelerate your growth with tailored campaign management solutions.


Powerhouse strategies

Designed to supercharge your success, our powerhouse strategies help you stand out in the competitive digital landscape. Every strategy we use is backed to help your business with our expertise and proven strategies, we’ll help you generate more leads, increase conversions, and drive sustainable growth.

Every quality lead we generate is finely tuned to attract, engage, and convert your ideal target audience. Unlike others, we combine data to build a steady pipeline of qualified leads ready to fuel your growth.

Conversion Optimization Magic

Converting visitors into loyal customers is an art, and we have mastered it. Using conversion-optimization techniques, we help our clients analyze user behaviour, conduct A/B tests, and optimize every step of your customer journey. From landing page design to seamless onboarding experiences, we ensure impressive conversions with increased revenue and customer satisfaction.


Customer Retention Excellence

Acquiring customers is just the beginning; retaining them is the true measure of success.

Our retention-focused approach is known to create loyal customers vi. This means, an effective onboarding process, that proactively increases the client’s customer lifetime value. 

Neha Clients

Strategic Marketing Consulting

Need expert guidance to chart your SaaS marketing roadmap? Let my consultancy help you jump all the hurdles in one go.  Mutually decided, we start with a comprehensive business analysis to decide on business objectives.

Based on that, we will craft a custom marketing strategy that aligns with your unique needs. All this ensures long-term success backed with actionable insights at every step.

Don’t settle for less when you have us as your SaaS marketing team.

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